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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by somendra_guitar, May 5, 2005.

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    I've heard from friends that pakistani rock music is far far better than indian one.
    So much that i felt a desire to listen to it
    this post is specially addressed to our pakistani friends out there.
    others like me can also benefit

    I wud be glad to get names of some good pakistani bands,singers,albums,songs & also that where cud i get it from coz we don't have any shops out here who stock pakistani music.
    i'd be happy to get a response as our friend circle is nowdays talking mostly 'bout pak music & i don't kno a single thing they talk 'bout.

    plz help an indian friend of urs
  2. ambush

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    junoon- saionee
  3. bob-bobby

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    oooohhh , not again !@!!!!!

    thread moved to music talk ....
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    hey wot abt Aaroh...???
  6. The Rising

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    aaroh is an extremely talented band. vocalist has got some voice wow. but i don't think they do justice with their talent. the amount of talent they have is sufficient to kick any main stream band's butt. i don't what's stopping them. yet a glimpse of their immense potential can be seen in few of their good songs.
    again you can find all about aaroh on www.aaroh.net
  7. aysh

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    of all the bands .. i love strings and fuzon the most .. strings many ppl say is fake.. and this and that but dude they are the ones who gave timeless "sar kiye pahar" and "duurr" and "anjane" and also a lot of lovely tracks ...
    fuzon i love too .. lovely vocalist (i wish i cud sing as well as him), rockin guitarist , keyboardist and they got genuine song making talent going .. best part is they got classical roots !
  8. JAZZ

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    okie hers the few geners of musik n Best Bands In pakistan

    " sufi " Rock .. Junoon

    Alternative rock - Noori , E.P (entity paradigm) , Aaroh

    Progressive Rock - Mizraab

    rock /jazz - Mekaal hassan band

    soft rock - Jal

    Pop/fusion - Strings , Fuzon

    Techno - Ali zafar

    in my opinion, JUNOON is the best Band from pakistan or even Asia

    ...then Comes NOORI , E.P
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