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  1. Shashank007

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    k...guys & GALS.....tell which was ur first guitar and waht u loved the most about it......and wht u hated in it.

    Mine was Givson 256 crown..........i loved its look....thought its tone sucked..its a showpiece now.
  2. SqueakM9

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    Vester Stage Series (run through Digitech RP50 and Fender frontman 10")

    loved: the looks, the neck, the action, the awestruck idiots that got it wraped around their ears mid drunken punk night
    hated: the fact that the elecs crapped out

    still love: the body, neck and head (survived 5 years of non stop mayhem), the chance to do it up

    here it is (and yes i know this snap is some where else posted just s few minutes ago):

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