Upgrading a squier strat

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by nitinzep, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. nitinzep

    nitinzep New Member

    I am thinking about buying a squier start and replacing its pickups with a set of Fender Hot Noiseless (Jeff Beck Signature strat pickups) or Fender Texas Specials. Will it be worth it??

    Has anybody played on a squier strat? I wanted to know how playable they are (neck, fretboard, fretwork, action etc) as I will eventually get the sound from fender pickups.

    ppl who have played or own a squier please share your good/bad experince.
  2. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    i own a squier showmaster..
    and imo its a very good buy for its price..

    the one i own is "crafted" in indonesia.
    and its just 11 grand now..
    neck is strat like..with -humbucker at the bridge..the playability is cool..and its sounds good.
    theres also a version of the showmaster with 24 frets..and floyd rose..and its abt 21 grand.

    im not too sure abt the squier strat though..
  3. nitinzep

    nitinzep New Member

    thnx dharmatma

    I am looking at squire affinity strat (alder body, maple neck & fretboard) as it is the closest to an american strat (at least in specs :)) the pickups will cost me about 8-12K and say the guitar costs 11K so for approx 19-23K I have a pretty good setup. Wot say??
  4. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    my friend owns a squire strat...he says that if u are gonna get a squire, better play all of em cuz some pices may be good but some extremely bad. His squire strat is nice but he says his friends squrie looks as if it came from Vietnam .
  5. soulscape777

    soulscape777 Oneiric

    i like squiers alot coz...a)they sound n feel good and ....b) u can experiment on them(adding /replacing parts)without feeling the pinch as they are affordable.
    i sold 2 n a friend's using 1...i'll sell it to u if u're delhi based its a good Jap squire,artic white ,S-S-H and till year before last,it had a Roland GK 2 AH midi pickup ...so it has 2 screw holes in it between the bridge pickup n bridge as i moved it off (and fixed it to another one)..they do not hamper the looks or tone in any way...and she sure is a smooth thing to play.
    u may pm me for further info.
  6. Luthier

    Luthier New Member

    Hey guys i have a Squier P-Bass and as the others said it they are good buy for money and i am totally happy with it. No problems with pickups or anything. Really good guitar.

    @ nitinzep ..... the thing about changing the pickups to better ones, i think there's no need since they are preety descent but still it is ur taste and liking that should be the basis for selection.

  7. nitinzep

    nitinzep New Member

    thnx a lot for the info guys bt I am still very confused between a mexican strat and upgrading a squire
  8. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    The primary difference is that Squiers are made of laminated wood and not a single piece of solid wood. Its much stiffer and more consistent in quality, but due to the greater stiffness the wood will resonate and vibrate less. I dont think its hugely significant in terms of tone though. Also component and build quality is rumoured to be better for Mexican Strats.
  9. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    iud suggest a mexican annyday..psst, i heard that there aint a discernable difference betweeen the American and Mexican strats..well, except made in mexico written...hehe

    So go for the mexican...squire strats are very shady, u wud be extremely lucky if u get a good piece( my friend is an example).

    But if u have the cash, then id suggest the Mexican.
  10. vlada729

    vlada729 New Member

    a little advice...and more

    hi...here are some thoughts...as i've heard mex strats cost 'round 35k here in india, right? if that's the case you should maybe consider something else...
    1. if u want a squier, go for the cheapest one, affinity, cause they're made of alder...which doesn't make some significant difference for home playing...but, try it on a serious amp, and the difference is immediately show...as with all the fenders, and squiers, getting a good one is a matter of the choice you make, and a lot of luck, too... with the exception of some us made...(even they can be shitty sometimes)... but almost anything fender-like is a good starting point for a good guitar...so, it could be good to:
    -get an affinity strat...choose a good one, try more of them, if possible do a quick neck adjustment right in the store and try it...most important is to get a decent neck...if possible...the one that has frets neatly set...although the best would be to change that too...
    -don't worry bout pickups, change them all...pots can be good, or not, from piece to piece...as well as tuning machines...go for the pickups u like, don't save on that...
    -basicaly, if u want something really good, change everything, except wood...:)
    that's the same thing with mex strats, except a little better...but, if one neck is bad, and another slightly better, they require the same amount of work, right..?
    the sound of a mex is not that better, so u wouldn't be happy with that too..
    as for the pickups tex-mex is not some choice...beck noiseless a lot better, if u like that... i'd always rather go for dimarzios, or duncans, or emg's...much more versatile, and much better choice...
    and now, a little ad...for the price of a mex strat, i'd sell u my PRS santana SE...quality is far beyond any of mex fender...even some americans...think, and read my thread on that...
    bye... nice shopping

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