upcoming jayswami gigs with seattle band shruti

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    I am playing a bollywoood style music concert (Ina Mina Dika) with seattle band shruti in portland and seattle.

    Portland show is the coming saturday April 23rd. Tickets are still available online, visit the link below.

    Seattle Show has been sold out (i heard tickets sold out in 3 days without any ads or posters :shock: )

    A sub set of shruti will be performing a cool set of about 45 minutes at the folklife festival in seattle center during labor day weekend. Folk life festival features big acts like pearl jam, bonnie rait etc, check out the lineup for this year in the link provided below.

    details of all 3 gigs and online tickets info attached below.


    I would be playing rhythm guitar and keyboards. If u have like my recordings like Yun Hi chala allah ke bande etc here on IGT, do show up for the show if u r in the area, as i will be featured in those songs.

    here is the band profile:
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    Jay... how about transmitting it live via Satellite?
    We wud miss the show...
    Or atleast shoot its video and keep it for download...

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