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  1. Rocean

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    She holds on,
    to her ****ow tight,
    it has been a,
    long long night.
    Her tears wont,
    stop to pour,
    a new dawn will,
    start in an hour....
    But it doesnt change,
    a thing for her,
    she wonders what,
    she is crying for,
    the man she loved,
    has now been gone,
    it seems a page of her,
    life has been torn...
    She looks out,
    of her window,
    wonders where he,
    has been to.
    She heard the
    front door close,
    after he was
    all night dosed...
    He had made,
    a promise to her,
    that now he,
    would b sober.
    She had faith,
    he'll keep his word,
    but he didnt feel,
    anything for her...
    She held her ****ow,
    in her arms tight,
    all night had she,
    sobbed and cried.
    She knew it,
    all along,
    that one day,
    he would be gone...
    As she washed,
    her tender face,
    his memories seems,
    to be erased.
    It will be hard,
    for her to forget,
    but it wont hurt,
    her ever again....
    She knows the,
    rule of life,
    everything is not,
    always right.
    Bad things happens,
    once in a while,
    but life goes on,
    just like a Nile...!
  2. Rocean

    Rocean New Member

    P i l l o w - ****ow
    bloody auto correct...
  3. Vader

    Vader New Member

    but you can do better
    you raised the bar for yourself with 'On the Edge'
    that was spectacular
    this is hunky dory
  4. Rocean

    Rocean New Member

    @vader: wil definately try n improve... : )

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