Understanding Guitar Tabs

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by lord_neo, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

  2. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    thnx lord neo... i needed tht badly:D
  3. lalondxb

    lalondxb New Member

    i neeed lambada - los labos . i wanna download it but i cant find out realible sourse ....thats why i need ur assisits...
  4. bava

    bava New Member

    hi jaan
    im new at this site will u please guide me from begginner how to play guitar i have a student guitar.ill be very gratefull 2 u.
  5. coolmanushi

    coolmanushi New Member

    Thanks a lot... u r a saviour for novices like me :)
  6. samsonved

    samsonved New Member

    hi guys i m new to this site it was my ambition to play guiter i play al lether intruments but had a dream to play string instry i m not sure will i be able to do so
  7. Jeanguitar

    Jeanguitar New Member

    Acoustic Guitar Lessons

    Thanks a lot for your comment on guitar lessons. I too have one site that would be more helpful for all of you to take Acoustic Guitar Lessons free of cost. Go through once and you would feel better.

  8. guitar_buzz

    guitar_buzz New Member

    Hi everyone,...so I am really new to guitar and needed ur help. My question for now is what does the symbol "s" mean in tablature...do let me know..thanks and bye.
  9. Priya B

    Priya B New Member

    can any1 give the notations of titanic but in saregama theme. as am learning in that notations. thx
  10. heggarprashant

    heggarprashant New Member

    me a beginner , wanted to buy a guitar , any one plz suggest me
  11. moniquebliss

    moniquebliss New Member

    I have a guitar but I am having a hard time to use this since I am novice on this instrument. I want to play my favorite piece and accompanying with guitar is a good blend. I hope the link you shared will guided me accordingly.

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