U2-Where The Streets Have No Name

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  1. harshm17

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    U2- Where The Streets Have No Name

    Theres a pretty good tab for this song available at: www.guitartabs.cc/fetchurl.php?filename=/u/u2/where_the_streets_have_no_name.crd

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience but, I didnt want to take it for my own.

    However, for the chorus I dont like using the tab he proposes. I just continue the chord progression with a different strumming pattern. It works for me :rock: .
  2. prash_rocks

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    i could say without doubt "where the streets" is my most fav u2 number.

    i couldn't open that link, the link doesnt work. but i checked that site myself... the chords are all right. only, i myself use just c major instead of csus... maybe csus sounds better.. i'll try that out.
  3. vidhansinghai

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    anyone has the lead of this song - the fast one played by Edge.
    Please post.

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