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  1. hasham

    hasham New Member

    what kind of guitar does goher use? does he use a electric acoustic semi acoustic or electric? which one would be better to buy if i were to wanna play songs by jal? can u play acousticish guitar on electric and semi acoustic song example: the addat? :shock:
  2. xplosive

    xplosive New Member

    BUY ELECTRIC and we u want same guitar as gauhar buy elecrtic guitar by marshall compay
  3. arsilhaq

    arsilhaq New Member

    hasham dude...the guitar which goher mostly used is semi accousticn yea mind one thing that guitar is just for professionals ....coz da action of tht guitar is so high that a guy who is practicing he cant even play one scale on it ....but if u think u can play tht guitar then buy semi accoustic .....made- honk kong......u just have to pay 14000 for one single accoustic ;)
    take care dude
  4. arsilhaq

    arsilhaq New Member

    hey dude chill i hv never been to his place to learn guitar frm him....all i was tryin to say...is my pers exp wth semi accoustic is very bad coz when i played tht...its really very difficult for begginers...i hv never seen which guitar he uses...but my opinion abt semi accoustic is tht not every1 can play it...n i can bet on tht...hey ijlal if u think dude u can bet on tht...n have one jam wth me so i can see how come exery1 can use tht guitar...u said u know how to play tht semi accoustic... play infront of me ...n gimme a single chance to..........learn frm ya ???? ahhhh :)
  5. hidden_spectre

    hidden_spectre New Member

    ppl, do u know whts the price of electronic guitars in Pakistan
  6. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    mmmm Sasta hay matlab Ibanez 14,000 widout Amplifier Aur Gibson ka almost price
    Jinrose ka sasta mil jae ga.. Aur Taiwanian Company aur bhi sastee hay will b almost 8,000 widout Amplifier ....
  7. hidden_spectre

    hidden_spectre New Member

    thnkx Imran
  8. Rashid.A

    Rashid.A New Member

    High guys I read thru this topic so I felt a need to reply.the blue guitar uses for concerts and the one he used in the dil haray video is not a semi acoustic, its an electro acoustic. I know because I have exactly the same one

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