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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by shadowcaster, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Hey mods and admins. I want to ask two qustions that are:

    1. Why don't u change the typing format? Means the typing system today is (which I hate) in that way that it is really pain to write any chords and tabs too. I can't thpe chords right above the place to change it without ... or --- understand.
    Also in tabs typing, Its pain editing the tabs to appear correctly.

    2.Why don't u change the default font to some font that takes equal space in typing - and 7 likewise? I recall its name at this time (something mono...) but it would be good to have default font like that (say: new courier). It realy saves time of editing and makes easy to copy paste from any notepad file typed at home.

  2. deathdr_87

    deathdr_87 Awesome Guitarist

    when u go to post reply u have an option to cahnge font for some purpose...
  3. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    im settled ofr the 1st question.i find real pain in tabbing out and editing things here!change it to sys default font!
  4. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    use code...
    as in whatever u type put it in this [ code ]..... [/ code ]
    then it comes as u typed it, spaces and all
  5. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    greatttttt!!!...i didnt know daaakturr :grin:

  6. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    Ah' code is a good trick..I does work you know..;)..Lots of FORUM folllow it...:)
  7. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Hey DrSaurabh. I didn't know about code. Thanks a lot.

    @Deathdr_87; Generally I get some sort of error while changing the font. Thus I don't use it. I dont think that I have seen any person in this site who uses some different font for tab posting. So I made this thread. Anyways, DrSaurabh's idea is good and I will settel for that.
  8. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    yeah, i tottally forgot about the codes.i have seen jayswami use a lot of codes for giving a away tabs and chords!

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