Two Norwegian 5yr olds playing in their garden find buried Viking jewellery

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    Two playful five-year-olds in Tromsø have made an archeological find that has stunned experts.

    The pair of boys discovered jewellery over 1,000 years old while playing near their house. Associate Professor Inger Storli at Tromsø Museum called the find sensational and unique, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports.

    "Our eyes popped, because none of us had seen anything like it before," Storli told NRK.

    The boys found the artifacts, estimated to be from around the year 900, under a tree root in the family garden. A large disc-shaped patterned pendant and a silver bead were uncovered by the Tromsø youngsters.

    Archeologists have made additional discoveries after visiting the site, with a large silver chain with an apparently brass animal head at each end the most impressive.

    The site of the find will now be thoroughly examined to see if more treasures from antiquity are hidden there.

    Picture of the Viking jewellery
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    hmm .. i think boys would only get a candy bar .. if theyare lucky
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    ROTFL ...
    true ... another one of those jeevan ke kattu satya ...
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    did the boys get their randsom? :p:

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