Tutor FORCING to buy mahogony guitar n sell my Pluto

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by kanav1234, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. kanav1234

    kanav1234 New Member

    Hi All,
    I am a beginner and my semi electric-acoustic guitar (Pluto HW41CE 101SPN with tuner and 5 band equalizer) neck has been bended twice in 6 months.
    Though its in warranty but my tutor wants me to sell my guitar to him for Rs4000 which is worth Rs6500 and buy a new Mahogony guitar from g&b acoustic guitar from him worth 7500.

    I dont know what should i do since my tutor is telling me that My guitar is made up of Rosewood which has a tendancy of bending.

    Dont know whether he is after my guitar or is a geniune suggestion since selling semi-electric and buying acoustic guitar will be awkward for a naive like me.
    My guitar is KING size and g&b is a normal one.

    Kindly advise me if you know something about this issue.

    Looking forward to your advises.
  2. gpt

    gpt New Member

    dude if its under warranty get it replaced, pluto is a decent brand esp for beginners. Anyway , why would your cokesucking tutor want a double warped guitar ?? to shove it up his own A$$? he's just looking at making some quick bucks ripping you off. I would also advise to switch tutors and give him some privacy with his guitarse.
  3. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    I'm going to go out on a limb here.

    Mahogany is the wood that the neck and body of the guitar is made of. Rosewood is the wood that the fretboard is made of. If you look at your guitar you'll see how the fretboard is a different piece of wood stuck onto the neck.

    Your neck could be bending because of bad manufacturing, bad stringing, or humidity changes. 2 times in 6 months is no joke. If it's a manufacturing issue get the guitar replaced.

    Whatever you do, don't get manipulated into selling your guitar off and buying a new one from your tutor, until you know why it's warping, whether anything can be done about it, and why the tutor wants the guitar.
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    your teacher is trying to rip you off, plain and simple. go to the store with your guitar and warranty and create a ruckus if you have to. and get a new guitar teacher ASAP, yours is an asswipe.
  5. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    @flood....agree wid u..!! his teacher's ripping his ass off for money...buying his gr8 beginner pluto and selling him ass gb&a..
  6. kanav1234

    kanav1234 New Member

    I will call the seller and will talk to him regarding replacement of my guitar...which i doubt he will.
  7. flood

    flood New Member

    if you have the bill and under warranty, you have every right to scream your lungs off at him till he does something about it. where do you live anyway? is the area prone to extreme weather conditions of any kind (heat, humidity, rainfall, large temperature differences over the course of the day)?

    definitely get a new teacher thouch. i wouldn't trust that fukchead at all.
  8. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Did neck really bend or is it just your teachers imagination. Does it really look bent to you or have you taken it to someone for a second opinion.
  9. kanav1234

    kanav1234 New Member

    @ flood: the shop owner use the key to make it straight. now my guitars neck is almost straight. now i am looking for steel strings as someone told me is soft and prevent further bending lil bit.
    i put up in west delhi( Rajouri Garden)...since im workin in night shift in day time i am sleeping with AC on. at nights its not that hot since my room is closed and is not being used by anybody. But this time if it bends soon i will definately smash the guitar on shop keepers head for sure.

    @ambush: it really was bended. now its ok.

    I agree my teacher is trying to make some money out of this since when i showed my guitar to him he told me that its bended which i nvr realized. i have paid my fees for 12 classes so i am going to suck every single thing out of him for the mean time.
    Wat i found out was YAMAHA's guitar have mahogony neck which bends sometime as well.
  10. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    That's an unfortunate choice of words... LOL. Nvm just kidding.

    Where is this teacher, exactly? And what's his name? Let us know so that people can avoid him in future.
  11. kanav1234

    kanav1234 New Member

    My Tutor called me today and was asking me i should sell my pluto asap so that his distributor can sell it as a brand new before it gets late. What i have realized is that he is trying to convince me to buy a guitar from him.
    I told him that i have repaired my guitar and now its as good as new.

    Only problem i am facing is that my guitar is KING size and as a beginner it gets diffcult for me to practice on it.
    I Dont know why does he pushes for MAHOGONY WOOD so much to all his pupils. May be this is how he makes money.

    Anyways.....Now i am planning to buy a acoustic guitar medium size so that i can practice but which one? should i buy YAMAHA standards or a cheaper one.
  12. flood

    flood New Member

    your teacher is a dickweed, plain and simple.

    buy yamaha or better, cheaper than yamaha leaves you with pluto, gb&a, granada as options, and after having played them all, i've figured out that they're pretty much the same thing. none of these brands seem to exist outside india - granada is branded for furtados, pluto for onstage/MM and gb&a seems to be a bhargava thing (it's probably what the "b" stands for).

    i dunno about how good gb&a is, but after my experiences with pluto, i think i'm going to avoid all three brands. my pluto isn't a bad guitar per se, but there is a surprising lack of volume to the lower strings, 6th in particular. chords muddy up fast too. definitely not as bad as givson or hobner or gibtone or whatever though. i'll use it till next year and move on to something better then.
  13. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    you can try santana guitars or ibanez v series....

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