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    TIP #1 - A tuner is pretty cheap and easily available these days, just go and get it. The small KORG tuner is about 500 / 700 bucks or so

    NOW if you dont have access to a tuner, the nightmare of tuning can be solved by simply pushing on your distortion pedal. I call it the tuning pedal.

    SWITCH the DISTORTION ON, and play 2 strings at a time and listen to the sustain. If you hear a STRAIGHT single sound then the strings are tuned.

    If the strings are NOT in TUNE, you will hear a swaying sound, easily recognizable like as if you have some delay or tremolo effect.
    The faster the sway (like OOWA OOWA OOWA OOWA) the more out of tune you are, and as u tune and get closer, the swaying sound becomes slower and slower

    and ultimately when tuned the sound becomes straight without a single repetition of sways


    NOTE: Though this is an easy way to tune, this doesnt mean that you are in perfect pitch with all other instruments. The perfect concert pitch is attained by tuning the A note with a keyboard A note, and checking if the pitch is kept at 440hz. A tuning instrument also has this check maintained

    Wonder why a car horn has a very irritating and piercing sound?
    Because the sounds are created by using in between pitches which do not match standard sounds.
    Next time, try to find out the key in which your car horn is blowing
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    Sorry :nw: mods :nw: for bumping old thread

    but this is great ... i always used this technique frequently, infact i feel it easier to tune with dist on just because of this ...

    hat s off to you bandbaaja ... for putting this down in writing ...
    b.t.w. this happens in acoustic also ... the beat phenomena is very feeble albeit ...

    me thinks newbies should check this thread
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    hey,, thanx for bumping....i had somehow missed this one.
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    One thing alot of noobs forget to do when they use their brand new disortion pedal is actually make sure their amp is on clean. Running a disortion pedal tuned to full blast while your amp's overdrive is on and the drive is all the way at max sounds just terrible! Alot of people at my school do this and they either like it (WHAT?!) or are really confused and don't understand why their new BOSS effects or whatever sound like crap.
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    very correct i hate taht sound of "distortion piled up on distortion" (as quaoted by Mr. Jamez Hetlfied)
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    hehe..I would never dream of running my new Silver Dragon with my MG 15's overdrive on..cant happen even by mistake...the pedal is soooo much better..
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    IS IT ???

    dude i really need to listen to your pedal then ...

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    thanx for bumpin..........but knew dis.....

    DJ MUKESH New Member

    Tune guitar

    How to tune our guitar in easy way?
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    yaar can u temme how to tune the acoustic guitar manually widout tuner.....
    m a beginer
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    the same is true wid acoustic guitar jus dat u get to hear it pretty clear wid distortion....
    this phenonmenon of swaying sound is called beats....
    u willl hear no beats wen the string is tuned...
    e.g. play the b string 5 th fret note & e string together till u get no swaying sound....bt b sure abt one thing u r closer to the note coz if the diff in frequencies is more than 20 human ear cant sense it.... if its on the upper side u may end up breaking the string....

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