Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho(Golden Hits Rewind) Guitar Chords

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    Song- Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho
    Film- Hanste Zakhm(1970)
    Lyrics- Kaifi Azmi
    Music- Madan Mohan
    Singer- Md. Rafi & Lata
    Key- D Natural Minor

    Chords- Continuing my "Golden Hits Rewind Series#2"..This week I present you chords from a Iconic number by the Legendary Music Director Madan Mohan. He was the most underrated Bollywood composers during his Lifetime..this can be judged by the fact that he was never awarded a Single Filmfare award in his lifetime despite being nominated several times.But his composed songs sounds melodious and evergreen still to this date.

    So here we go..

    (Dm)Tum jo..mil (F)gaye (Dm)ho
    (G)toh yeh..(F)lagta (Dm)hai..
    ..ke ja(Bb7)haa(Aaug)aa..(A7)aan..mil ga(Dm)ya..[(Eb)..(Bb)]
    ..ke ja(Bb7)haa(Aaug)aa..(A7)aan..mil ga(Dm)ya..[(Dm6)..(C)]

    Ek (F)bhatke huye (G)raahi ko (F)car(G)waan mil ga(Dm)ya..[Aaug7-Aaug-A7-Dm]

    Tum jo mil gaye ho part repeat-[2 times]

    Guitar Arpeggio 1- (Dmadd9)..(G)..(Dmadd9)..(C)..(G)

    Guitar Arpeggio 2- (Dmadd9)..(A7sus4)..(Dmadd9)..(Dm/A)

    {(Dm)Baitho naa door humse (E7)dekho khafa naa (F)ho}-[2 times]

    {(Am)Kismat se mil ga(G)ye ho..milke juda naa (F)ho}-[2 times]

    (Dm)Meri kya kha(Em)ta hai..(Am)hota hai yeh bhi..[Aaug7-Aaug-A7-Dm]

    ..ke za(Dm)meen se bhi kabhi..aas(Bb7)maa(Aaug)aa..(A7)aan..mil ga(Dm)ya..[(Eb)..(Bb)]
    ..ke ja(Bb7)haa(Aaug)aa..(A7)aan..mil..ga(Dm)ya..[(Dm6)..(C)]

    {(Dm)hmmm..(Fm)hmmm..(G7)hmmm..}-[2 times]


    (Dm6)Tum kya jano tum kya ho..ek surila nagma ho
    (G)bheegi raton (C)mey masti
    (Dm6)tapte din mey sayaa ho..tum kya jano tum kya ho
    (Dm)ab jo aa ga(Em)ye ho..(Am)jane na dunga..[Aaug7-Aaug-A7-Dm]

    ..ke mu(Dm)jhe..ek haseen..
    ..meher(Bb7)baa(Aaug)aa..(A7)aan..mil ga(Dm)ya..[(Eb)..(Bb)]
    ..ke ja(Bb7)haa(Aaug)aa..(A7)aan..mil ga(Dm)ya..[(Dm6)..(C)]

    {(Dm)hmmm..(Fm)hmmm..(G7)hmmm..}-[2 times]

    rest is same


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    Perfect chords.. Just one suggestion.. In this part - "(Dm)ab jo aa ga(Em)ye ho..(A)jane na dunga... " - I think Am sounds better than A..

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