Tum Hi Ho(Aashiqui 2)Guitar Chords

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    Song- Tum Hi Ho
    Film- Aashiqui 2
    Music- Mithoon
    Singer- Arijit


    {(Fm)Hum tere (C#)bin ab (A#m)reh nahi (Fm)sakte
    (D#)tere bina kya (Cm)wajood (Fm)mera}- [2 times]

    (Fm)tujh se (C#)juda gar (A#m)ho jaa(Fm)yenge
    toh (D#)khud se hi ho jaa(Cm)yenge (C#)juda

    (C#)kyun ki (Fm)tum hi (A#m)ho.. Ab (Fm)tum hi (A#m)ho
    Ki (D#)zinda(G#)gi ab (Cm)tum hi (C#)ho..

    (Fm)chain (A#m)bhi, mera (Fm)dard (A#m)bhi
    meri (D#)aashi(G#)qui ab (Cm)tum hi (C#)ho

    Interlude- (Fm)..(Cm)..(A#m)..(Fm)

    (Fm)tera (C#)mera (A#m)rishta hai (Fm)kaisa
    (D#)ek pal door (Cm)ganwara (Fm)nahi

    (Fm)tere (C#)liye har (A#m)roz hain (Fm)jeete
    (D#)tujhko diya mera (Cm)waqt (Fm)sabhi

    (Fm)koi (D#)lamha mera na ho (G#)tere bina
    har (C7)saans pe naam (C#)tera…(D#)Aaa..

    (Fm)Tere (C#)liye hi ji(Cm)ya main..
    (Cm)Khud ko jo (C#)yun De di(Cm)ya hai..

    (Cm)teri wa(A#m)fa ne mujhko sam(G#)bhala..
    ..saare gha(A#m)mon ko dil se nika(Fm)la

    (Fm)Tere (D#)saath mera hai..
    ..na(G#)seeb juda..tujhe (C)paake adhura na ra(C#)ha.. (D#)Hmmm..

    rest of the song is same

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    doesnt matter bro as far as i learn somthing new and corrct... hehe..
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    ok than bang ur head there not on my thread u looser.
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    @Rahulfreak dont promote shit sites again on IGT.
    What do you mean by clear 1?
    Only IGT Provide perfect chords.
    So dont freak out urself.
    Those sites are total mess.
    If you come to IGT than respect it other wise.. IGT is not for u PARASITES.
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    Why are you involving us in between your conversation? We are in no opposition with your post. We don't know who is RAHULFREAK. If somebody is sharing our threads we cannot help it, its on viewers.
    And as you said about promoting "shit sites", this is meant to be one of the biggest platform for Guitarists out there, so we think that sharing knowledge is no harm. We never said that your post is wrong or incorrect. Its on you whether you take it as shit or you learn to respect and acquire some good knowledge and skills.
    Anyways, we are not here to argue with you.
    And we even don't have any grudges against you. One last thing we would say, One should always learn to respect others thought. This is what Music teaches us.
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    Nice and accurate. Good Keep It up.
    Don't waste your time in arguing with useless buggers and copy paster
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    I have tried to play the intro part, here are the tabs for this song. check out the video also to understand how to play this song.

    Video : kyun ke tum hi ho aashiqui 2 guitar cover, tabs, Full aashiqui 2 title song guitar lesson - YouTube
    Tabs :

    Hum tere bin, Ab reh nahi sakte

    Tere bina kya vajoodh mera

    Tujhse jhuda agar ho jayenge

    Toh khud se hi ho jayenge jhuda

    Kyunki tum hi ho, Ab tum hi ho

    Zindagi ab tum hi ho............Melody

    Dhanesh Mane
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