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  1. Genesis

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    I'd like to know where I can get tubes in India (pref Chennai)? I know I've read somewhere on this forum that they are available in Blore, but searching didn't yield any results. I'm looking for SED or JJ.

    P.S: How much might they cost?

  2. TheDevil

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    ^^ SED or JJ ....could you elaborate on the names....U could try and ask the Guru Amps guys ?
  3. thehundredthone

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  4. sanjivdas

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    Forget Guru amps, I can get you as many tubes as you like. Telefunken, Philips (Holland), RCA or BEL, whatever you want. I have a few with me too, both for preamp section and for the main amp section. I had embarked on making the tube amp, got stuck in the transformer stage. You if you want, you can take those off me. As far as I remember, they were about Rs. 100each for the smaller pre amp tubes and about Rs 350 for the bigger ones.

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