tu muskura- yuvraaj

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  1. danishakhtar

    danishakhtar New Member

    guys check out this one with sum extended chords....hope you all will enjoy it...!
    if found any mistakes then plz do replies....!enjoy

    G C D c G
    tu muskura jaha b haitu muskara
    G D C Em
    tu dhoop ki tarah badan ko chu zara
    D C Em D
    shareer se le muskurahate teri
    Bm G C D
    badan mein sunti hoon mein aahate teri

    labo se aa k chule apne lab zara
    tu muskara jaha b hai tu muskara
    shareer se ye muskurahate teri
    badan mein sunti hoon mein aahate teri
  2. zoheb.mulla

    zoheb.mulla New Member

    Can i get the strumming pattern or rhythm of this song
  3. livinmydream

    livinmydream New Member

    May i plz hav the tabs to this song..
    lovely melody..
  4. nick1983

    nick1983 New Member

    need some improvement; doesnt sound rite
  5. abhishivam

    abhishivam New Member

    doesn't sounds like it is ....need help i'm able to play the son correctly need to know chords..

    Thanks in Advance :)

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