Tu meri zindagi hai TABS request

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by basit_jaaaani, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    hey guys
    can someone post the TABS for Tu meri zindagi hai from the film Aashiqui
    there's plenty of chords but no tabs.
  2. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Baasit great song

    think vocal melody goes like

    and chords like

    {Bm}Tuuu{A} meri zinda{Bm}gi he
    strum D_DU_UDU

    first interlude at around 1 min 26 secs

    here's vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqfcwh8FHt4 i used for chords
  3. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    wow reps joseph
  4. jozko

    jozko Banned

    jaani do chk with pros bro
  5. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    it sounds juss fine, n' where IS da pro's m8?
  6. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Basit, I meant members like Bandbaaja. He logs in once in a while only. He can give very accurate chords.

    btw i saw Neo's response to your suggestion in another thread. That's +ve. Let's hope it gets done. Why don't u apply for mod post here? there is some thread in chit chat for that. No active mods here for several months now. I think u can do a good job as mod, rgds
  7. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    ohhh thanks for the update joseph but don't u gotta be a bit more experienced like the amount of posts and all? in order to be a mod
  8. jozko

    jozko Banned

    i don't think there are any real conditions. chk that mod application thread to have lots of laugh.

    do u like 'tumse milke' parinda song. i just logged in to post tabs of that. chk hindi section

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