Trying to start a band in Gurgaon

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    I'm a songwriter looking for:

    - Musicians to play the songs I've all ready written (I've all ready written rock, rap, folk, Indian folk, funk, reggae, and new types of music that haven't been labeled yet)

    - Musicians to record and write new music with (all types of music)

    - Performing a LOT!!!!

    Not trying to sound crass but this is what I need.

    - Rhythm Guitar Player

    - Female Singer

    - Drummer

    - Piano Player

    - Woodwind Instrument Player (not flute)

    If you fit in any of these categories feel free to contact me:

    phone/text: 8860750785


    Some personal info about me:

    My name is Siddharth and I'm 23 year old male from America. I plan to make it in the music industry. I've written over 300 songs all ready, I'm deeply involved with new types of philosophy, I believe in the power of god but I'm non judgmental of others views towards the subject. I can play guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, xylophone, I sing and I'm currently learning how to play the saxophone. I have a home studio for recording. I love chai and jamming so lets toast to both and jam out!

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