Trying a hand at fingerpicking

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  1. viyerz

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    Neat forum you guys have here. I've a lot to learn - some of the videos/audios here are mind-blowing! Jeez...

    Anyway. So I got myself a guitar a month or so back. Been trying to pick it up by myself, watching videos and stuff...haven't really gotten far since it's only been a short time, but heck, I enjoy playing random stuff around with the thing.

    I came across a few fingerpicking videos and decided to have a crack at that. Simple stuff, but I thought it sounded fairly decent, to my raw ears. What do you guys think? Some advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! :)
  2. geniusoid

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  3. viyerz

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    Calm down dude.

    "IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music"

    That's why I posted in this section. Where else should I post it?
  4. geniusoid

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    Should come here:

    Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips
    A collection of guitar tutorials, tips, tricks and lessons for all guitarists. From basic guitar principles like chords, notes, scales to guitar theories for intermediate guitarists. Learn guitar online from IGT.
  5. its just we can see you playing.. i cant see your fingerpicking... if u want to show it then focus your cam on your fingers...

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