Truth sucks

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    Truth sucks

    A wounded reputation is seldom cured
    a full purse never lacks friends
    much familiarity breeds contempt
    wht connot be cured must be endured
    truth sucks, silence kill, its all u have u gotta live with this(4)

    Let every hearing hang by its own tail
    a rolling stone gathers no moss
    the proof of the pudding is in the ating
    scronful dogs will eat dirty pudding

    patince is a plaster for all sores
    time an tide wait for none
    fine feathers make fine birds
    sow the wind and reap the wirlwind
    truth sucks(4)

    worth makes man and want of it fellow
    only wearer knows where shoe pinches
    the second blow makes the fray
    time and tide wait for none

    sauce for the goose is not the suce for the gander
    dont leap over hedge before you come at still
    fools rush where angels fear to tread
    all thge gliters is not gold
    truth sucks(4)

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