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    standing on the sea shore
    and watching at the tides,
    feeling the breeze passing through me
    taking the pieces of love letter
    that i torn it right now,

    the lovely colours of rainbows across the sky
    charming the whole world
    does not bother me too much
    as my life seems pretty colourless
    and bleak ..
    every emotions looks
    meaningless making me
    destiny written for me by the almighty
    seems to be roughly sketched when i was conceived...
    everytime i intiate
    to get stranded nowhere...
    looking bewildered once again..

    ages downunder the things i lost...
    those preciousness
    the innocence
    the naivity
    the modesty...........
    bartered them for the skills of survival instinct..

    i lost again truthfully,
    losing the virgin thoughts to became insane for few more days..
    learning the tight ropes to walk...before falling again

    searching the path from i moved away
    for the life i yearned for....
    of complete bliss

    watching the tides swallowing the tender words on paper,
    waiting for sunset
    to wail at the highest pitch standing on the perched stones...

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    hi rohit,
    excellent brother.
    you crafted the thoughts very well in words.
    good work,so reps coming your way.

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