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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by wheelzkidd, May 15, 2008.

  1. wheelzkidd

    wheelzkidd New Member

    Hello guys.. i'm travelling back home to india from the US... planning to bring my Ibanez electric and my processor with me.. the guitar has a soft cover but with adequate padding.. is it possible to take it as cabin baggage..?

    also.. is customs applicable for my guitar..

    anyone who has travelled overseas with a guitar.. ur input will be valuable and highly appreciated...

    on a side note incident: my friend travelling from delhi to mumbai on IA flight was asked to remove the guitar strings and send them through the x-ray... my friend was quite perplexed and told the security wala that those strings were welded onto the guitar and could not be taken off.. the security guy believed it... [:p]
  2. wheelzkidd

    wheelzkidd New Member

    ow come on guys... 25 views and no replies...???

    what... does everyone take the bus...?? :p
  3. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    Usually non-indian flights such as American Airways , luftansa etc etc have special arrangements to take a guitar onboard . I read it somewhere try googling . And u dont have to worry about de-stringing ur guitar i dont think the securit ppl in the US are so dum and there usually is no security check when u come out in bombay its only for ur luggage (as I remember). Its best to ask customer service for the airlines ur taking........
    Cheers hope this helped
  4. SqueakM9

    SqueakM9 mumble

    good luck getting through american anything with a guitar...
    ive been told to go stand out the back and strip for having credit cards on me...
    they are real tight about it...
    ive had guns go missing on NZ national flights too,
    best advice...
    get a hard case seal the thing shut and cover it (and i mean cover it) in fragile stickers coz at the end of the day your either gonna want that guitar in perfect condition at the other end or...
    sell it and buy another one in india...
    or if your really game you could try swallowing it...
    thats how a whole lotta stuff gets through...
    good luck either way,
    hope both you and the guitar make it.
  5. wheelzkidd

    wheelzkidd New Member

    hmmm.. yeah... i'm gonna try an seduce the air hostess... (ha ha ha)... maybe by playing her something melodious and romantic...

    that's my only shot at getting the guitar into the flying cigar...

    wish me luck guys..
  6. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    i also got my ibanez from us last year.. mine came with a hard case so i just put fragile stickers on it and gave it as baggage.. it was on perfect condition at delhi airport and no customs.. they just asked what is it and i told them its a guitar.. thats it.. it was in perfect condition.. btw what guitar are u buying..
  7. wheelzkidd

    wheelzkidd New Member

    me's getting the ibanez too.. which airline.. i'm trying to sneak it into the cabin.. dont have a hard case.. so no checking it in...
  8. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    i came on british airways... and DONT DONT check in if u dont have a hard case.. buy one.. it wont go waste.. and what model are u buying..
  9. wheelzkidd

    wheelzkidd New Member

    me's got a grg170dx.. the thing is... hard cases cost more than my guitar.. :D
    so i'd rather sell my guitar here on ebay USA.. and buy a new one in india..

    but i dont wanna do that.. so just gonna bring it in my soft case... most probably i'll take a lufthansa.. heard they r musician friendly...
  10. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    hey. ive traveled from saudia arabia to india to paki and then back to the states with my guitar (one trip) and god bless my guitar survived. I had a soft cover..and was allowed to handle my guitar as carry on baggage. I remember taking Jet Airways from Mumbai to Hyderabad..and the ticket guy asked me to open up the guitar bag and show him whether it was an acoustic or electric. Apparently they had something against electric instruments being carried on board. Although the rules are changing i suggest you call all the airlines you are traveling and double make sure what the rules are for carrying guitars as carry on baggage.

    While in America, its no big deal..people travel with guitars all the time.. and you'll have to put it the xrays and its going to be (mis)handled by many be aware that people might do things to it that you wont like.

    In India, again it shouldnt be a problem..I didnt have an issue..

    Just call in and make sure if you can carry it on board. If you can, the soft cover will work..if it dont..get a damn good hard cover and pray the whole flight through. You and I both know how baggage is handled in India. :insane:

  11. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky customs is not applicable for your guitar.
    Its a personal item..used. And they cant do shit. American customs wont give you dirt. But India might..and if/when they do..act cool and demand to see it in writing. They did it for my laptop..and I treated them :cool:
    They just like to intimidate..dont trip. You'll be ok.
  12. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    she's absolutely right about teh intimidation part. Just look 'em in the eye and dont give in.

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