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  1. silent_dragon

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    When i realized that just the
    twittering of birds makes me feel
    satisfied with life, I harboured
    no thought, no idea, in me which would
    pass a quavering pain in me.

    As I stood there, looking upon my destiny,
    the unending grief which
    the world beheld for me, my ultimate goal
    was creeping in me which had always been
    the source of my fears and loneliness.

    Then nature opened its mighty heart
    towards me, to travel and go deep in to it.
    But my eyes were too sour, full of hatred
    an unquenching thirst. Its mysteries lay open
    infront of me just to get folded.

    I laughed at my own folly as, I understood
    that nature itself was so ruthless and our
    very existence among them is so fragile,temporary and precious.
    Which is why none must take them for granted,
    maybe thats where the end lies.....

    ........maybe thats what they say it is
    "It is all the law of nature................"
  2. rev

    rev New Member

    I think this is really good. It's different from poetry as in it doesn't have rhyme but still, the words are poetic and really flow well.
  3. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Really liked this one. Good work. And about the rhyme, i somehow like it better without it, 'cause sometimes, when following a rhyme scheme, people tend to concentrate more on it than the subject. I like it better this way. Keep it up.
  4. silent_dragon

    silent_dragon Immortal guitarist

    thnx guys!!!

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