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  1. Kvrmurthy

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    Hi Everybody,

    I am going to kick start my Guitar lessons from next week. The instructor asked me to buy a Guitar for my personal practise. Also he told me that in near future (after basics) i should select "their" course or "Trinity" course depending on my interest.

    I am not sure about the above two things, hence the reason for this post.

    For a beginner like me what is the best guitar (Brand) in Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 range. I have talked with a storekeeper and he suggested GB&A is a good brand which has this amp connector. It comes for Rs. 5900, so i am not sure and wondering if it really is worth the money? I am thinking of buying a guitar which suites me while i am learning now and also should be useful enough when i gain enough skill to use guitar.

    Which course i should take? "Trinity" course which seems official as he mentioned about an exam that i can take to validate my skills against a standard level looks promising.

    Since i am a beginner i would value any suggestions from you people.

    Thanks in advance.

    K V R Murthy
  2. Grandad

    Grandad New Member

    If he is reffering to trinity school of music london(most probably he is) then go for it.
    It is the best international standard.
    About the guitar i dont know much im myself looking for one (just started learning 2 months
    ago). Ask your teacher about it as different peoplea will give different advice here and you will be
    confused more.
    If it shines andis cheap dont buy it

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