TOP Guitar songs in HINDI FILM MUSIC

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by Bandbaaja, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    I am mentioning a few that I remember.
    Again its not in the order of playing difficulty or popularity
    Just whatever I thought are compositions made for the guitar.
    (acoustic, hawaiian, electric, bass and maybe mandolins and other strumming instruments can be added)

    1. Aaja Aaja - Teesri Manzil - RD Burman
    90% of the wannabe orchestra drummers in mumbai F*** up the drum solo, but the guitar intro, and the 3 interludes are super.
    Pure Rock n' roll / Jazz guitaring combo
    Musicians: Leslie Lewis on drums & Dilip Naik on guitar (sure)

    2. Neele Neele Amber - Kalaakar - Kalyanji Anandji
    Though the song is a direct Illayaraja lift, the guitar solos I feel in the hindi version are better that the tamil version (Ilaya Nila).
    Musician: I heard it is

    3. Chand Mera Dil medley - Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin - RD Burman
    Wow what a composition :shutup:
    Literally a bolti bandh composition
    Starts in Dm, First song in Am, Second song in Abm, which goes to Ab, then goes to G to start 3rd song which starts eventually in D, then two chords take it to B oh man?? kya bolega?????
    Yes, its here obviously because of the classic guitar interludes and rhythm etc.
    Musicians: Dilip Naik on guitar (dunno), and Trilok Gurtu played some of the percussions :)

    4. Churaliya Hai - Yaadon Ki Baaraat - RD Burman
    Need I say anything here? IMMORTAL intro,
    The song apparent was suggested to RD by Usha Uthup (when its tuesday)
    and what a remake !!!!!
    Musician: Bhupendra the singer on acoustic guitar!!!

    5. Dum Maro Dum - Hare Rama Hare Krishna - RD Burman
    Haunting intro, instantly recognizable and easily playable too!!!!

    6. Sholay intro music instrumental - RD Burman
    Any guitarist would love to do it.

    7. Karz title music - Laxmikant Pyarelal
    Its become a standard in India, that if you say you can play the guitar, YOU MUST know to play KARZ!!!!
    I heard this tune is lifted from a George Benson track.
    Musician: Gorakh on acoustic guitar, LP's assistant and a wonderful flamenco player.

    8. Sargam - Dafliwale - Laxmikant Pyarelal
    Aah, you havent heard it keeping in mind the guitar?
    Listen to it dudes!! music 1 and music 2 - too much to handle
    Musician - Gorakh bhai again

    9. Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehera - OP Nayyar
    Just the intro on hawaiian, classy!!!

    10. Jaanejaan Dhoondta Phir Raha - Jawani Deewani - RD Burman
    Just listen to the BASS TALK !!!!
    Musician- Tony Vaz on Bass guitar

    Now its your turn folks!!!!!!!

  2. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    arre arre
  3. Venus

    Venus New Member

    don't really watch hindi movies but do remember neele neele umber and that is great especially the new version of it
  4. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    wow , a nice list up there ...

    some of my favs too ...

    bandbajja , do you know the chords / tabs for all these songs , prob you can post up some in the tabs forum for us to get them , thanks ..

    really nice sum up for some greatest hits ...
  5. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    whats this got to do with watching hindi movies?
    its about hearing hindi music, not about watching how correctly rishi kapoor played karz or that kunal goswami was featured in neele neele amber??
  6. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    Yes BOB,
    I play all this, had a horrible time fighting with LIFE to figure them
    But got away with a little help from expert friends.
    Learning them took some time made me remember all sins that I have done in my life....

    Will post them as soon as I get some time in hand
  7. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    the new version of neele neele amber by NITIN BALI???
    gosh venus, please listen to Kishore Kumar
    please in the name of MUSIC
  8. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    sure bandbajaaa , would be waiting for those , have to clear my hands on some of those songs too ...

    and pls chill , venus was juss trying to make herself clear by saying she does not watch hindi movies , i am sure she def likes music thought !! :)
  9. Venus

    Venus New Member

    puh-leezeeeeeee........ give me a break........

    well, here's a rendition of my statement above prior to your posting:

    i meant to say, your honour, that hindi movie tunes rarely serenade my ear canals and so i dont get an opportunity to sample them.....from what i have sampled of the exquisite fine arts of such movies, i have enjoyed beyond imagination neele neele amber pe as i think it possess great, i repeat, great guitaring!!!!!!!

    Better grammer there for you??????????????? :)

    p.s. even if u reply to this now, i wont cuz i got better stuff to do, so take a chill pill!!!!!!!
  10. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    cant remeber any
    there is no good solo or lead ,metal song in filmms
  11. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    i Like Allah Ke Bande from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II
  12. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    Nice list Baaja.. i will be waiting for the chords of those song if they are not posted already....
  13. madhura

    madhura pani poori yum yum ....

    @baaja ...just to add to your list
    i like the one from old bazi( devanand and geeta bali ) .. tadabeer se bigadi hui taqdeer banale ...... nice and simple guitar solo piecies for beginners
  14. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member


    Hey there!

    Interesting thread, and good choices ... my personal favourites are:

    1. Chaand mera dil - the best :p:

    2. Jaane Jaa

    3. Sholay intro (I can play it now :-D! Though the strumming still needs a lil bit of practice)

    4. Karz theme music.

    5. Title music of Shalimar, one of my favourites ... heard it?

    6. Dooba Dooba

    7. Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na

    8. Among new ones, Dil Chahta Hai's title track (the reprise, the one that plays when the closing credits roll) and Suno Na from Jhankaar Beats, the interludes are amazing!

    9. Like the intros of Haan Pehli Baar (Aur Kaun - a Bappi Lahiri tune, amazingly sung by Kishore!), Deewaana Dil Deewaana (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, I somehow feel that this song has a major RD hangover ... like it's rythm and intro ...)

    10. Another new one, Rocking Goa from Dil Chahta Hai.

    No one can use the guitar as RD did, I guess ... oflate, I love the way S-E-L use the guitar ...

    - Raj.
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  15. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    we should start a seperate thread for tony vaz. i was saddened to read his sad state in the news a few months back. he is def one of the great indian bass guitarists.. he was so melodic.. and brought life to pancham da's compos.

    my hindi guitar songs not in the liost already:

    nahin nahin abi nahin - jawani deewani
    ab to hai tum se - abhiman
    dum - dum
    kabi neem neem - yuva - second interlude with ARR vocals+guitar is mesmerizing
    yeh jo des mera (instrumental +vocal versions) - swades what cool fingerpiciong
    katra katra - ijaazat
    tujse naraaz -masoom
    do naina - masoom
    phoolon ka taarona ka - hare rama hare krishna
    chalte chalte - kishore kumar,bappi lahiri
    mano ho tum - yesudas ,bappi lahiri

    for funk disco rhythm.. the nazia hassan biddu album had cool songs..
    disco diwane, ui ui, boom boom all bee gees kinda funk disco strummping.

    I must add that tamil songs have the best reposirtory of guitar songs.. lot of ilayaraja classics are guitar based... i think me or ananth222 floated a thread on tamil guitar songs on IGT some time ago. search for it if interested.
    u will find cool songs.. like the original neele neele ambar - ilaya nila.. who lead is very different from neele neele and more more jazzier and complex. ARR also has very cool guitar songs in tamil like July matham.. and there is lot of western-carnatic fusion guitaring in tamil music which is missing in hindi music.
  16. its4ashish

    its4ashish New Member

    All the songs written above is very good but its very difficult to play
  17. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member

    One more!

    Kya Hua Tera Vaada's one of my favourites too ...

    - Raj.
  18. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    Deka aisi bhi - lucky ali
    o sanam - lucky ali
    bulla ki jaane - rabbi
    E Zindagi gale Laga le - Sadma
    Chakkar ghor - Silk Route
    akele hai tho kya gum hai - QSQT
    ghazab ka din - QSQT
    badalon se- Satya
    yun hi chalaja - swades
    jo haal dil ka - sarfarosh
    yeh mera dil - don (cool wah)
  19. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    <<<<<<<<<<OH MY GOD, I can't belive u guyz forgot this song........hello? wot about "Sagar Jaisi aankhon Wali" did u guyz forget the great guitaring in dat song.
  20. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    Though I am a southy, a palakkad iyer myself, I (embarrased with a sad puppy face emot) have not heard a lot of Tamil songs. Not that I dont like it - "I LIKE ALL FORMS OF MUSIC except REMIXES" But here in mumbai there is a problem accessing them. We have some stores which sell tamil music but I dunno which ones to pick.

    But I have heard a few and Ilaya Nila and July Matham I have heard. SUPER GUITARING.
    Please let me know a list of MUST-HAVE tamil albums of ILAYARAJA
    I have his private stuff lie Nothing But Wind and How To Name It.

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