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    hi guyz . i need help urgent .
    itz a kinda silly question bt my guitar has two tone knobs n one volume n a 5 way pickup switch.. till today ive alwayz kept both tones on full bt today i realise that they probably have a pur[pose ..
    will some1 plz tell me y there r two tone knobs n which one is used when and for wat .. plz plz help i also noticed that somee wrk on some pickup n some dont .. watz the funda yaar??
  2. shak

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    one tone knob will be for the neck pickup and the other will be for the bride pickup ..but since you have a 5 way selector switch as well ..that tells me that you probably have a middle pickup as well ... so basically you should have a third tone knob as well .. which you dont this tells me that either the gutiar is really crappy OR .. the person who was making the guitar for you under estimated the need for a tone knob on the middle pickup ..
    the basic function of a tone knob is that it either cuts the bass part of the sound comin from the pickup OR the treble part of the tone ... generally it is the treble part (you need some clever electronics to cut the bass) .. anyway... in english ...tone knob makes your sound go muddy ... a bit gloomy .. more like blues ...
    so mess around with it and you will get th feel ... try selecting both bridge and middle pickup then mix and match the tones for the two pickups ..its a wonder how you get diff expressive tones by adjusting the tne knobs only ..
    and to determine which tone knob belongs to which pickup one pickup ..hit a note then turn the tone knobs..if you get a change in tone ..... you'll know ..
    hope it helps...feel free to PM me if you want ..

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