To get back the love

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  1. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    this is for ppl who've been heartbroken onc in their lifetime.
    I dunno how much of this everyone will understand...but it has got two meanings...
    how happy ppl feel wen they fall in love again...
    How ppl feel happy for a short while wen they fall in love again, only to end up heart broken as before
    Sorry for the lack of punctuations...its just a random thought came quickly as i typed

    Whoever said how it feels
    To get back the love
    How long we've to sail through time?
    Feels so bright, so cheerful around
    So I won't fail this time

    So it seems you forgot how it pained
    Seems so dry as if it never rained
    Wonder what your walk back home had cost
    And your world, your hope, your love you lost.

    And how it feels to get back the love, you ask
    So bright, so cheerful
    You forget about the forsaken past
    And collect your ones-to-remember
    Still find this day the best of all
    In your eyes, a distracted gaze
    Smile for a while, before you fall
  2. this ws preety random ..yes
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    ryt...n quite boring, now that I read it again.. :-/
  4. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    i din' find it borin'....i found it pretty nice...capturin' true ...real....naive...str8 4m d heart emotns.....
  5. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Hee.. I appreciate this very much...thanks!
  6. sukriti_hats

    sukriti_hats Member

    i liked d lst line 'smile for a while, before you fall'
    but not for a while...i guess we shud fake it until we make it :D shmillleeee
  7. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    yessh..soo many thanks dear :) the last line was the anchor, a hold point really. I built the rest to fit just what all meanings that line holds.

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