to customize Kramer Focus 211S

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by allen sebastian, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    heya dear guitar superstars! pls help me i got few questions!

    well the thing is i want to customize my guitar Kramer Focus 211S, so give some ideas for replacing the pickups, or anything else needed inside.,

    my playing styles are rock, metal, jazz, all together mixed.

    sometimes i get frustrated with the tuning knobs as they are not so soft and smooth rolling.,

    when i connect my guitar with a recording interface i hear a noise (HI fi) on selecting certain tones like Acoustic simulator or other stuffs and changing the pickup is stopping the noise., is this something related to any loose connections inside the systems? i'm not too much into guitar technically., i play, do some basic stuffs with cleaning, strings changing, etc., just want to give a try with this., besides i'm happy with the fretboard, body, etc.. thanks in advance! ;-)
  2. amithkallupalam

    amithkallupalam New Member

    Changing pickups is the best way to change your tone man. Get new pickups. And as for the tuners, change em. Get grovers or something. They're locking tuners and hold tune pretty well. And about the pickups, tell me the typr of tone you want or what you want to change about your current pickups. And about that noise, it could be the difference between single coils and humbuckers. Single coils have a hiss to their sound and are generally really noisy. What wood is the guitar? Body, fretboard and neck. And done forget to tell me the tone you want.
  3. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    get some seymour duncans
  4. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    thank you amithkallupalam and guitarplayer729

    here are some details for you
    Body Wood: laminated Nato/Alder
    Neck Type: Bolt-on
    Neck Wood: Hard Maple
    Machine Heads: Covered
    Fingerboard: Maple
    Pickups H-S-S

    my fav styles are Carlos Santana, clean tones, Rock, i'm not that expert with these pickups things., so would be good to tell which one to choose, i can get it from Furtados?

    thank you
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Pickups is the real reason why you hear the difference between a Strat, a Les Paul, a Tele, a Jackson etc ... not because of wood/shape/crap (whatever contribution they have is negligible).

    Listen to the clean tone samples on youtube - that will give you some ballpark idea of the tone.
    Then check up that guitar to know which pickup it uses.
    Search and buy.
    Install and play.
  6. amithkallupalam

    amithkallupalam New Member

    Dude post in the seymour duncan forum. Best place to get started! People there are really helpful.
  7. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    hey thanks guys! i will get seymour duncan! seems they are the best!! :)

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