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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by call_of_ktulu41, Mar 29, 2004.

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    uhm...i have my bro's little beat up acoustic...ive begun to play reasonably well.(i can play the intros of all met and maiden songs on my acoustic)...but i dont know if i shd invest in an electric guitar.....cos ...
    1) the moolah factor is there...
    2)i like to play metallica and i have to buy a distort pedal(or a processor)
    3)i dont go to classes... im self taught

    but i want to buy one cos...
    1)power chords would sound wicked on one...
    2) am sick of playing nothing else matters and want to graduate to so what!
    3)its just so damn cool possessing an electric axe..

    What the heck do i do...???
    oh and what if i buy an acoustic with a plug in...would that help?
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    Hi. You are right about the power chords. Lets see how much you would like to invest if you are buying one. I will find a package with an amp, Dist kit and Guitar within the budget you give me. I would suggest with your likes of playing you need an electric. GO FOR IT.

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