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    Hi all, I'm new here and relatively a rookie trying to learn guitar. I started a few days ago and am learning a few tabs to begin my course. I'm using Emedia guitar pro to learn guitar.
    Now this is to all my bengali friends out there. I want to learn a bengali song a very beautiful one which I guess made its way eben into bollywood some 2-3 decades back.
    I just know the first tab line which goes something like this.....
    sa ga ga sa ga ga re pa pa re ga re sa ga ga sa ga ga re ga re sa
    I dont know beyong this...
    I hope any of our friends here might have heard about this song and could show me how to play the entire song.
    I'll write the tabs here
    G 00
    D 22 220 020 22 22020
    A3 3 3 3 3
    This is the first line........
    Bye mates

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