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Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by Angira, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Angira

    Angira New Member

    Is here someone who could tell me the keyboard notations for the song...MY HEART WILL GO ON from the movie titanic? I am dying to play it on my keyboard
  2. Yoosh

    Yoosh New Member

    i dont have chords or sheet music but if you just want to try out the melody for a bit you can try this-

    every night in my dreams
    C C C C B C
    I see you
    C B C
    I feel you
    D E D
    that is how i know you
    C C C C B C
    go on
    D G
    repeat for:
    far across the distance
    and spaces
    between us
    you have come to show you
    go on

    C D
    wherever you are
    G G(hi)F E D
    i believe that the heart is....the heart does go on and on
    D E F G F E F F E F G A G F

    i'm not saying it is totally right- but it sounds it. tell me what you think and in the mean time i'll see if i can find sheet music anywhere
  3. Angira

    Angira New Member

    carry on

    hey its good.......give me the full notation
  4. munaz

    munaz New Member

  5. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi


    try this love theme of the film TITANIC anyways!! i have the music sheet.. hope u like it..

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  6. Angira

    Angira New Member

    Hey Bro..i hav already told that i m a beginnier so i m unable to identify d notation.cud u pls help me?~!!!
  7. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi

    ya sure! but as u requested i gave u the notations, it's ok anyways! just IM me to ma yahoo or MSN if i can help u! :) happy New Year..
  8. sonalip22

    sonalip22 New Member

    hi there..for titanic itself can u give me the classical notations.??
    I mean in 'S R G M P D N S'....
    for playin on violin..
    do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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