Tips to pickout chords of songs for beginners

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    just follow these steps

    1.first of all you must have the skill to distinguish whether a chord is a major chord or a minor chord. This requires little ear training and if you're with guitar chords for a while you should be able to do it.

    2.when you have chosen the song that you've to pick chords out listen to the song and follow the bass line and find the key chord. it is usually the first chord of the song. This is very important. Play with guitar and make sure you got the correct chord.

    3.If the chord you found out is a major chord, it probably follows major scale if the chord you found out is a minor chord it would probably follow a minor scale.

    4.If you have got a major scale, say A major, A is the first note of the scale called root note. for C major C etc.. follow the rule below and write down the other notes of the scale

    r , 1,1,1/2,1,1,1,1/2 steps

    eg A , A+1 Step = B, B+1 = C# , C#+1/2 =D , E , F# , G# , A
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    If you got a minor scale.. the rule is

    r, 1 , 1/2 , 1 , 1 , 1/2 , 1 , 1

    eg. A , B , C , D , E , F , G, A ( A minor )
    and there is one more thing with minor scale, a minor scale is relative to a major scale i.e a minor scale have the same notes as that of the major scale of its third note.. for example A minor and C major has the same notes, E minor and G major has the same notes.

    5. once you've got the scale, form all the chords of the scale.. you would get three major three minor and a diminished chord.

    for example D major

    D, E , F# , G , A , B , C# , D

    form chords by taking a note its third and fifth.. then you get DF#A - D major
    EGB- E minor , F# m , G , A , B m, C# dim.

    6. These are the chords of your song. if you hear a major chord try one of those major chords. and one of the minor chords if you hear a minor chord.

    for eg. nenjukkul peidhidum (A major)
    begins with A major and has chords

    | A | F#m | C# | E |

    which are actually the chords of scale. even the lead notes will follow the scale
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    super cool :)

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