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    What type of entry-level guitar is best?
    Many instructors believe the nylon-string Classic guitar is the best guitar for the beginner. Nylon strings are much easier on the left-hand fingers and as a result, you'll get longer periods of practice time in the beginning. It's important to mention here that callouses will develop as a result of practice making it easier to play the steel string guitar usually within the first 2 months of regular practice.

    pictured above an Alvarez Yairi classic guitar
    Classic guitars are called "classic" because they are the only guitar style that doesn't change. Much like the violin, the classic guitar's relative dimensions are the same from one manufacturer to another. This being said, however, most people start with the standard six-string dreadnought guitar (with steel strings.) Dreadnought acoustic guitars don't vary too much in size and the steel strings provide the distinct sound heard so much in pop, rock, bluegrass, country and folk music. Beginners should shy away from the twelve-string guitar as it requires the player to press down 2 strings at a time in groups. This can be a little challenging for the beginner.

    There are so many materials; which ones sound the best?
    This is where the beginner has to make a somewhat uneducated decision. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The best way to decide is through experimentation. Some guitarists prefer a lighter tone while others would rather a guitar that will make your stomach churn. When buying a new acoustic guitar, your materials selection will normally be limited to spruce, rosewood, and mahogany. Many of the finest, most expensive guitars in the world are made from these types of wood although exotic woods such as koa, paduak, and walnut are usually more prevalent in a higher-priced instrument. If you seek a light tone, you might want to test guitars with a mahogany back and sides. If you're seeking a heavier sound, you'll want to try those with a rosewood back and sides. Most guitars in the entry-level realm have a spruce top. Whether laminated or not, you'll want to find one that has a solid spruce top rather than a two-piece. The solid tops tend to remain durable through time.

    How should the guitar feel?
    The answer to this question is easy. The guitar should feel good to the player. Try to find a guitar that has a relatively low action (the amount of height between the strings and neck). A high action can be a very discouraging thing for a new player. Also, try to find something that will stay in tune. A guitar that loses pitch can be very aggravating to a beginner because his/her ear hasn't become familiar to a properly tuned instrument. A good electronic tuner is never a bad thing to throw in with a new acoustic guitar. This will help reduce the amount of time wasted while tuning and increase practice time.

    How much should I spend?
    Many decent, entry-level guitars will fall into the $200-$500 category. I once played a $300 guitar that had a better sound than a $3500 guitar.
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    Very intreseting m8, thanx for the tip.
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    Yeah, very interesting. But I would recommend people to begin with a less expensive acoustic guitar if only till they are sure that they want to continue playing. Most people buy expensive equipment (including electric guitar, amps and effects processors) and then stop playing after a year or two.

    For the Indian market, I would recommend Givson, which is not by any means a good guitar, but an OK sort of guitar with which to begin.
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    Givson stinks actaully but yes starting with a good idea.
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    GUys well i think a Rs 2500 hobner would be a good choice
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    I have bought a HoVner which costs rs.2350 . it sounded better than hobner which was priced at rs. 2700.

    I have plan to buy a new guitar after 2 years , if i learn how to play it. i hope that hovner is good for learners . has anyone tried it ?
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    Can any Post tips for buying n Electric guitar .. ?
  8. jayanth

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    I've posted that in The Beginners Q& A forum..
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    Should i buy an accoustic guitar with big sound box or a quie flat sound box like Givson 215?a big sound box gives very good sound quality but it's quite uncomfortable to play..plz guide
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    Its all your taste.. Check out the rhythem.. PLay a few chords and see how they both sound.. Buy the best..
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    ok jayanth thanks for ur opinion..
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    ANytime.. You are asking for the comparision of two very different purposed guitars.. If you are looking for a lot of rhythm go for the Fatty. .Else you wanna play smooth and fast that the "Kakkdi"


    ANy one Got Idea About Collection guitars ? Ive Recently bought Big hollow acoustic guitar @ Collection .. Model No. Wk-170c-Bl at 7k ..
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    Never heard that Brand.. You dont have to worry. If your local Brands are comfortable. Cause ours are.. Hobners Rule..
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    what the, neway go to the site and got to learning tracks, got o beginner and then go to tips on buying a guitar...
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    Or you can just visit this thread :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    We are here talking about Asian Guitars..
  19. fictional_real

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    ok, wat if we are talking abt asian guitars...lets talk abt guitars made in india itself. anyone has a tulsi electric guitars here?

    how is it?
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    hey i was thinkin of buyin a hobner, is it gud?? or is it better 2 buy a fat hollow guitar? am a b'gner, anybody point out d difference between d 2...

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