tip for following tab for each component of music lead, rhythm, bass, drum

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    A very helpful tip for beginners who are finding difficulties following particular tab for each component of music-lead, rhythm, bass, drum. There’s a program called tab transcriber, a small program (about 1.6 mb or so) which can transcribe the tablature of all the instruments from a midi file and plays each of them separately. You may also combine two components and experiment how they go along together. Confused?
    Well, I’ll illustrate you as simple as possible.

    I downloaded the given program and also the midi file of the song ‘cemetery gates’. You have to search thru google to find midi files of songs you want. Then I run the application and I selected the component bass from a list of several items. I had the tab already with me (found via net) and I played the transcribed part. Only bass was played along with the display of measures. I got it! I was able to figure out where to play the particular notes in the song. For more convenience, I experimented by combining vocal and bass which helped a lot to play along with vocals. Similarly, I also combined drums and bass, acoustic guitar and bass etc. and practiced. It’s not guaranteed that 100% of the tab(never) matches with the midi component but at least you’ll get a great deal of idea about rhythm and melody of the song for each instrument when it becomes difficult to figure out in the actual song where all instruments are played simultaneously. I’ve noticed that most of the beginners have the problem regarding rhythm (strum pattern) for a song and that is because they cannot isolate the sound of rhythm guitar in presence of other instruments. For all of them and others, this type of program is really advantageous.
    Well, TT3 will only transcribe up to 16 measures in the shareware version. So, you need to enter serial key to make it to full version and I don’t need to tell you how to get a serial.

    comments/criticism/suggestions all expected/accepted
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    Thanks a lot for sharing that with us. I'll download that, cheers:)
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    hey judas where can onne find this software? post the site along
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    hey can u please upload its setup or please give a link atleast

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