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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by bob-bobby, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. bob-bobby

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  2. ananth222

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    Times of India and Indiatiems are the worst sites for news
    their gimmicks are immature and irresponsible
    there was a time when a news report on some english celebrity's phone bills going up cos of phone sx that made it to teh front page headlines in bold
    and their "whatever" brand is so stupid I wonder who is dumb enuf to buy that
  3. madhura

    madhura pani poori yum yum ....

    here is a letter, to TOI, written by one of the students from my university.
    and i have exact same feelings ......
    yeah it was "the" newspaper , long long ago..... i remember my dad used to read it to us - to increase vocab and good english . and now its all full with dumb page 3 news with hinglish ( cool as they say it ) .....

  4. d_ist_urb_ed

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    ^madhura, that was amazing. Please convey my kudos to the guy who wrote it if you could. I only wish i could get my point across half as well as he did most of the times.
  5. victor_slash

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    yep ...agreed

    madhura ..
    same as disturbed said ...awesome stuff by mahim ...wonder how i felt the same but never did nothing abt it ...

    the first thing i did was to read the toi now ...and guess wat?? it read:

    Pressure on India to save series:

    me not a big fan of cnn either. they hav this attitude that sayz ..us rocks !! (altho it mite rock ...it pisses me off to read news of snake charmers in india in the world section...thats the sense the make outta the world)

    i prefer rediff and mostly http://news.com.com/

    it has a good tech collection.

    kudoz to mahim ..!! (the friend of madhura who wrote a great letter)

    can he write to my mom and say that boozing aint bad as such?? ;)
  6. DrSaurabh

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    did he get a reply?
  7. zoomingrocket

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    Well.. well.. i dont know regarding Web Editions of TOI...
    But i like my local flavour published from Ahmedabad... it rocks!
    Similarly... i had read TOI's Pune, Mumbai & Delhi editions.. and they too rocked! What surprised me in all these cities is the price.... 56-70pages for only 2bucks!
    Thats rock bottom price!
    Though i must say.. 'The Hindu' had a better coverage in Delhi than TOI...
    But watever is said... TOI fits my taste and starts my day!

    Hehehe.. hope i am not partial :grin:! But i have read different english dailies and TOI is better in many aspects! Earlier i use to read Indian Express...but they werent impressive!

  8. josh

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    The Indian Express is without question the finest newspaper in the country. It's the only paper with balls that goes out and cusses out the establishment, regardless of who runs it, left right or centre.The Times of India is trash. Their obsession with brand building has led to them losing sight of the point of the exercise. News.
  9. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    Nice letter.....agree on most points.
  10. jayswami

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    print edition is slightly better... but then madhura u gotta think about this.. when u were in india, and were not exposed to the other sites and papers.. u had nothing else to compare TOI with.. and u thought the same set of headlines were news back then. i dont think it has changed that much.. pakistan bashing,fixation on cricket,bollywood,religious politics, and desi ***ual taboos... i think times of india and other papers in india are still covering the same news as 10 15 years ago.

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