Time to leave

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    So frnds m leaving land day-after-tomo for 9 months. m gonna miss this place a lot!

    Now its time to leave,
    Seemngly disastrous moments,
    and happy loony times,
    seem more distant than before.

    Some made me laugh, some cry,
    blended with the pain of wait.
    Poems a way out of the world,
    I liked to create.

    The world that does'nt understand,
    sorrow of the tiny heart.
    Tumults of meagre expressions,
    leave indelible scars.

    But now its time to leave,
    As I think, those who love me
    shall miss me, wait till I return;
    For the pleasure of reunification.

    For those who chose to hate,
    a message to the heart I convey.
    Don't listen to them, they're mere words;
    They might realize when I'm away.

    The world becomes lesser every moment,
    as I fight for memories to keep me.
    Thoughts run across my mind like vagabonds,
    unbound to life, they are a mystery.

    But now its time to leave,
    A plethora of joyful moments wait.
    Words and people now a fascination,
    My destiny, My heart lies ahead.
  2. good lines...good luck
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  4. nine months ...baby aayaga
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    akela kaise ayega re, m nt bisecksual
  6. bye - secxual
    take care
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    bubye..dear..All d best..

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