Time And Relativity

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  1. such is life

    such is life New Member

    This is a poem I wrote while just contemplating the screwed up world we live in

    Time and relativity
    Mean nothing to naivety
    Pragmatism is rejected
    While Moral idealism gets perfected

    What you believe
    To what you perceive
    It all leads to deceive you

    There’s no compromise
    For pesticides
    For these parasites
    Who justify

    Justify themselves
    Or justify those cells
    In which we’ve all become
    Such prisoners

    Its societies call
    Do you believe in it all?
    In a world where there’s nothing but fighting
    Fighting for cause
    Or fighting for wars?

    No time for slowing down to think
    Click click
    Blink blink
    Boom boom
    Sink sink

    On these self destructive paths we wreak
    Havoc on our souls to speak
    Who defends the weak?
    Those who herd the sheep?

    Herd herd herd
    But where’s the hearing?
    Why hide from truths?
    With lies that feed your fearing?

    Time and time again
    It never ends
    It never will
    It’s all a plan
    Just pass that bill

    Time is just so fleeting
    Fill your quota
    Stop that bleating

    You’ll do exactly as we say
    Your minds are warped
    You must obey
    It hasn’t always been this way

    But we’ve become so blinded
    And close minded
    Where once were spines
    Grown nonexistent over time

    So who will lead the weak?
    The pigs whose words we speak?

    Time and relativity
    Forever in captivity....
  2. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    Shiiiaaanuunn... (flew over my head)

    i know its a tough question if i ask "what does this poem actually mean?" so u can choose to answer ..only if u wish

    anyways i like the snippets of thoughts that you pasted over the time and relativity canvass ..

    keep posting
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You find the society screwed up because you are living under illusion.
    Illusion that is fueled by religion and your society's ideals about morality.

    Cast away all such illusions, and you will find that everything is normal and expected.
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    I've come to see everything as divorced from religion these days. It helps to mull over issues, thinking how they originated, their intentions, both nature-intended and human-affected, to be able to keep some and discard some.

    And that's a good poem..not just because of the multiple analogies over a single thing, but also because of the multitude of issues you discussed. Would have helped if they were more connected though...

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