Till I'm no one again by Parikrama

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    Just have a look at the following....

    She wonders like a little child, who hasn't seen the rain
    Gently will she tell you that she's scared
    A lonely child, a bird for sorrow
    is all she can see,
    'cause people came and changed her as they pleased

    She doesn't laugh, knows not to cry
    indifference is her name
    Sleeps quietly in some corner of her world
    She'd wake up in the morning and then she'd kiss the flowers again
    Sometimes thinks of people who're not the same

    And all the things I think I did,
    to make her smile again,
    worked a little while then disappeared.
    But still I'll try to catch her eye, and tell her that I care,
    wonder if she even knows that I'm there?

    Await the light
    enmbrace the darkness
    and scream out to the sky,
    watching life pass before me,
    And the world I have inside,
    I've seen the world, lived it all,
    Seen it thru' my eyes,
    The blinding shades of laughter,
    I can see here as I lie,
    As here I lie......

    .......HERE I'M NO ONE AGAIN

    I guess most of you might have recognised what is it....
    The above words are the lyrics of the song "Till I'm no one again" by Parikrama, with the chorus part removed.
    I love these lyrics.

    Good to read isnt it.....
    Its even better when u hear it.
    You can also get the song downloaded. Just click the link below and enjoy....


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    Oh. ok thanks garima. i'll take care...

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