Tik Tik Vajate Dokyat (Duniyadari) guitar chords !!

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    63 Views & not a single reply ??? ,,Common guys !!
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    ^ Thnx !! , Plz visit the link given in description of youtube video for chords detail !!!
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    are mitra khup chaan re...i liked youre way of struuming which is rather more different than the original song beats....n i`d like to play the song as u play
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    Thanx a lot Pratik !!!
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    Arre mitra....amazing !....very nicely played chords
    But can u pls post tabs for this song? (mala capo ajun vikat ghyaycha ahe....hehe)
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    Thanx Kedar !!

    I will post tabs soon ,(though writing tabs is difficult than playing tabs !! :p ) ,,& about capo ,,if u dont have capo ,,you can use a Marker pen & 2 rubber bands as a capo,,you can google it !!
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    Thx for the capo advice ...it works perfectly :)
    Will wait for your tabs
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    With Capo on 4th fret :-

    Tik Tik Vajate Dokyat
    E --------0---------------------
    B –-1--3-----3--1--1--1--1-3-1-0

    dhad dhad vadhate thokyat
    E --------0------------------------
    B –-1--3-----3--1--1--1--1-3-1---
    G -----------------------------2--0

    Kabhi jami Kadhi Nabhi
    E --0h3-3-3-----------0h3-3-3-----------
    B –----------5slide3-----------5slide3--

    Sampate Antar Zokyat...
    E --0h3-3-5slide3-3------------
    B –-----------------3-3-3-5-3-3

    Nahi jari Sari tari
    E --0--8--7--5----7--8--7--10slide8-7slide5
    B -----------------------------------------

    bhijat anga Panyane
    E --0--8--7--5--5-------------
    B ---------------6--6--8--6--5

    Sochu tumhe Pal bhar bhi
    E --0--8--7--5----0--0--8--7slide8--5slide7slide5
    B -----------------------------------------------

    Barase savan Jomane
    E --0--8--7--5--5-------------
    B ---------------6--6--8--6--5

    shimpalyanche Showpiece nako
    E --0h3-3-3-----------0h3-3-3-----------
    B –----------5slide3-----------5slide3--

    Jiv adakala motyat...
    E --0h3-3-3----------------------
    B –----------5slide3--3-3-3-5-3-3

    mitra pahilyandach tabs lihile ahet ,, mahit nahi = lihili ahet ki nahi ,,check kar ani kahi doubt asel ,v4 !!
  12. KunalTG

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    Music before starting Nahi Jari sari tari :-

    Music :-
    E --8--7--5--0---8--7--5--0---8--7--5--0-----5--10--12--13--10
    B ----------------------------------------6-------------------

    E --13--12--10------13--12--10------13--12--10--8--7--5--1--0--0
    B --------------10--------------10------------------------------
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    thanks......masta ahet tabs... (Sampate Antar Zokyat..la tjodyashya veglya vatat) pan baaki ek number....thanks again !
  14. KunalTG

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    ^ Pleasure is all mine ! :D & yes ,,sampate antar zokyat la vegavegale variations ahet !!
  15. KunalTG

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    I watched your video !! Its really nice !!

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