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    hey guys whatup...

    this is not neccessarily guitar related, however i feel like it's a good discussion for all of us who love and play music. i'm in an acapella group and it's a helluva lot of fun and i have a lot of fun doing it and singing. i guess that i sing alright and love doing it. i feel like my sense of melody and blend and notes is good. however, my ability to create harmonies or like sing a third above or fourth below another is not so good. if you give me the notes surely i can sing it or if i hear the harmony then i can imitate it. but it gives me some distress that i cannot find or create these harmonies just by ear. i can add some background ooh's and stuff in when i sing. but if someone's singing a chorus like for ex. 'stacy's mom has got it goin on..' or somethin, i can add in some yeahs and woah ooh oh's pretty nice but i cant sing like a third above the melody by myself. i need some verification or a piano. sometimes i play around with harmonies i hear on the piano and realize that from thirds it sometimes switches to seconds or fourths ! i don't have much theory or knowledge, but i'd really like to get better in this area of harmony. we have to arrange pieces and being able to hear the distinct harmony rather than mere blend is really important for me so that i can start becoming a prime contributor not only to my group but in my career as a musician. hopefully i can maybe get some help from you guys on some drills or ear training or something. thanks
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    Well I dont have any anwer to your question as even I am completely confused about the harmony in general. But when done right, they are mind blowing.

    This kind of discussion does add a whole new dimension to the forum though. I am writing to know everyone else's views on how to discuss music in general. I am new the forum and dont know all the rules. I think a very important part of enjoying guitar playing is singing along. There should be some discussion about singing (western/indian -- good harmony songs, raag based songs etc) to improve an overall sense of music and singing.

    What say!

    By the way Saurabh, if you sing in a serious Acapella band, you kick ass!

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