Those were the best days of my life...

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  1. vishwa_81us

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    Dear All,

    This time I am not trying to write a poem.. This is a collection of some words.. where i tried to recollect some best moments of my life.. Here it goes..

    I still remember the eyes..
    that glittered with dreams for me..
    I still remember the soft touch..
    that showed how much you care for me..
    I still remember the hands..
    that for the first time made me walk...
    I still remember those pains..
    that you have gone through your life...
    I still remember the thread..
    that she used to tie in my hands..
    I still remember the songs...
    that I used to sing for her to make her smile..
    I still remember the Kheer..
    That she used to make for me..
    I still remember my old frnds..
    with whom i spent my childhood..
    I still remember my teacher..
    who taught the first alphabet to me..
    I still remember the ground..
    where for the first time i saw a cricket bat..
    I still remember the stories..
    that the old lady used to humm for me..
    I still remember the school..
    where we got used to punishments..
    I still remember that cute girl..
    who used to stay next to our house..
    I still remember the window..
    from where i used to look at her..

    Now the times have changed..
    I wonder what i lost and what I gained..
    I still remember the day..
    When i left you all and walked away..
    I know gone are those days..
    Gone are those moments...
    I don't have words to say..
    How much I miss them all the day..
    No wonder...


    Dedicated to my parents.. my sis.. my old frnds.. my classteacher.. my memories which i left behind..

    Vishwa :cool:
  2. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    I still rem this ... I still rem that .... reminds me of Bryan Adams 'Please 4give me'....

    Nice try anyway.. dude...... Liked it!
  3. tumhare_divya

    tumhare_divya luvs 2 luv...lives 2 luv

    i like this poem a takes people into similar memories they've had...good job dear...the way you use "i still remember" repetitively i think is a good thing...even i wrote a poem kinda like that that has "im thankful for..." repeated a lot...i think your use of it so many times only compliments your poem..since it just enhances the fact that we can go on remembering and remembering... those wonderful countless memories...good job dear...
  4. Garima

    Garima Born to rule <img src="images/smilies/rule.gif" bo

    well...well...well... :grin: thats all i hv to say
  5. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    Thanks alot.. :beer: its u people only for whom I m writing.. never thought that one day these hands which are used to writing softwares can write poems too... thanks once again..
  6. simrnz

    simrnz New Member

    Fantastic Fantastic and simply Fantastic ... I'm waiting for more...!!!
  7. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    great job mate...

    nostalgia is the biggest kick that we can learn frm life when we look back...appreciate your words...
  8. sudhirsonnad

    sudhirsonnad New Member

    hey............ nice... nothing to say abt this song..its simply stunning :) ...keep posting

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