Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu - Agni Natchatram (1998)

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    Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu - Agni Natchatram (1988)

    Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu - Agni Natchatram (1988) - by Maestro Illayaraja.

    I could figure out this song to this extent. Help me if I'm wrong or direct me if chords for this song are already available.

    (B)thoongaadha vizhigal re(D#m)ndu
    (B)unthunai thedum nenjam on(D#m)dru
    (B)sempoomanjam (Bb)virithaalum (B)panneerai (D#m)thelithaalum
    (B)aanandham (Bb)enakkedhu (B)anbe nee (D#m)illaadhu

    (B)thoongaadha vizhigal re(D#m)ndu
    (B)unthunai thedum nenjam on(G#m)dru

    (B)maamara ilaimele (D#m)maargazhi panipole
    (D#m)poomagal madimeedhu(B) naan thoongavo(G#m)
    (B)raathiri (D#m)pagalaaga (B)orupodhum (Bb)vilagaamal
    (B)raajanai (Bb)kaiyendhi (B)thaalaattavo (G#m)

    (B)naallum (D#m)naallum (B)raagam (Bb)thaalam

    (B)serum (D#m)neram (B)theerum (Bb)bhaaram

    (CONFUSED !!! :p )

    a a a (thoongaadha)

    Repeat above chords

    aalilai sivappaaga angamum neruppaaga
    noolidai sivapperum nilai ennavo
    aadhiyum puriyaamal andhamum theriyaamal
    kaadhalil arangerum kalaiyallavo
    maadhulam kaniyaada malaraada kodiyaada
    maarudan vilaiyaadm kalaiyennavo
    vaalibam thadumaara orubodhai thalaikkera
    vaarthaiyil vilangaadha kalaiyallavo
    melum melum mogam koodum
    degam yaavum geetham paadum a a a (thoongaadha)
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    i'm trying for tabs also :) :)
  3. roentgen

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    Very nice effort venukailash for this amazing song.
    I remember SPB and Hariharan mention in some TV program about how difficult this song is to compose.
    Is it becos of the raagam used? No idea!
    Anyway, I've done my changes. I can hear only 3 chords!

    (B)thoongaadha vizhigal re(D#m)ndu
    un(B)thunai thedum nenjam on(D#m)dru
    sem(B)poomanjam (D#m)virithaalum (B)panneerai (Bb)thelithaalum
    (B)aanandham (D#m)enakkedhu (B)anbe nee (Bb)illaadhu
    (B)thoongaadha vizhigal re(D#m)ndu
    un(B)thunai thedum nenjam ondru

    (B)maamara ilaimele (D#m)maargazhi panipole
    (D#m)poomagal madimeedhu (B)naan (Bb)thoonga(B)vo
    (B)raathiri pagalaaga (D#m)orupodhum vilagaamal
    (B)raajanai (Bb)kai(B)yendhi thaalaattavo
    (B)naallum (D#m)naallum (B)raagam (D#m)thaalam
    (B)serum (D#m)neram (B)theerum (D#m)bhaaram
    a a a - | B | D#m Bb | B Bb | D#m Bb |

    Rajesh :music:
  4. SATHYA167

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    Rajesh - It is exciting to read about chords details. I still stuggle with playing chords. Can you put down the strumming patterns? I use electric guitar and with three chords in this song, I can make a decent try moving around barre chords.

    About the song - It is a great masterpiece of IR + KJY combination. This is a classical based song set on raga - Amruthavarshini. Theoretically this raga can cause rain fall.

    It should be quite difficult to play this song (notes) in guitar rather than playing in key board where we can hold more than 2 notes together. I would look forward to the notes from Venu

  5. venukailash

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    Ya Rajesh you are right.. tried for references throughout google and found nothing on this song :( This is Amruthavarshini. Sathya - I tried all the strumming patterns i know, nothing suits this song :( but pleasant to hear with a soft strum with thumb alone... the tabs are really tougher, but i have come thru half way.. i don know how to put many parts coz the song has many "Ghamahams".. ill try my best ASAP. Forgot to mention, sounds good only in normal chords, dont use barre chords :)
  6. roentgen

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    Thanks for the info Sathya. Found out that there are just 5 notes per octave in the raagam - analogous to pentatonic scale in western classical music I guess. For this song in B major scale they are B, D#, F, F# and A#.
  7. venukailash

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    View attachment Thoongatha Vizhigal Tabs.doc

    I have attached the tabs for this song... I have just tried my level.. Yes Rajesh this song has just 5 notes in an octave. but i think B major pentatonic western scale has B, C#, D#, F#, G# as notes. where as the notes in this song are as exactly as u said.. (B, D#, F, F# and A#). Definitely IR has made a mystery in this song :)
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    good song.. will try and let u know ppl...
  9. SATHYA167

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    Hi All,

    Yes this raga is a pentatonic one. If we start 'S' in C Major scale, the western notes will C, E, F#, G, B. Rajesh - Your notes are correct.

    Playing the notes - We can start 'S' anywhere and as long as we maintain the distance between the notes, we can achieve the result.

    Venu - One way of playing 'Gamagam' areas is to vibrate little bit the notes. This is better achieved in electric guitar. With only 5 notes, it is a challenge in playing the song in guitar. You can put down your work. We can review as we progress.

    We are attempting a masterpiece works of IR + KJY............ It will take time......... Sathya
  10. venukailash

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