This is my first post;a song.

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  1. alphanomad

    alphanomad New Member

    Broken windows of my life
    barricade destiny's stride
    the lights blow out in my head
    as i go through the motions of this life

    Broken windows me surround
    shattered dreams all around
    hope's snuffed out, the light flickers out
    i see the end
    sad , cold eyes mirror them

    Broken windows ,sharp as knives
    pain and sorrow fill my life
    my heart bleeds for cold comfort
    crimson pools reflect my life
    i see blind destiny
    marching on with the blind man's stride
    she stumbles and falls ,never to rise

    broken windows....


    Bouquets n brickbats r welcome.
  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    not a very cogently written piece ...some repatation and confusion in thoughts ..... the contrast even is missing.....cant say good but culd have been better..!
  3. alphanomad

    alphanomad New Member

    thanks a lot for your thoughts madhuresh..!
  4. #iR@


    good effort :)... but i think this was a sentence that ended the whole effect end in the second para...

    ...Broken windows me surround...

    otherwise... nice!

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