This is holy grail of guitar to me...

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  1. Gravitation

    Gravitation New Member

    Neelay neelay ambar par is one of the most popular songs among guitar players and chords and tabs are aplenty....

    But... I'd like tabs for the specific version of interlude as played in the following video:


    Someday, I'd like to play this song the way it's played above... and want to start practicing today. I anybody has/can work the tabs for the interludes, I'd love it.
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Want me to create a Guitar Pro file?

    Edit - Wow this should actually be easy, just two voices ^^
    Edit 2 - i. His playing is quite bad. ii. I'm half-inspired to make a solo guitar version (lead+rhythm on one guitar...if you have the chops for it ;))

    Well? /:|
  3. Gravitation

    Gravitation New Member


    Thanks for the offer... I'll definitely appreciate the Guitar Pro file.

    Would love to see your solo guitar version. I'm sure that goes for a lot of other folks on this forum as well.

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