They All Work

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    Okay Just a Thought Guyz
    I Luv David Dews Work.

    As red traffic lights flash green
    and headlights shimmer off of
    slick streets amidst a storm of
    angry car horns,
    I cringe, panic stricken,
    until I notice the sidewalk.
    The sidewalk peers
    up at me through a flood
    of hydrated workers fleeing
    from their nine to five inconveniences,
    protecting their weathered brows,
    from tiny wet spears with
    headlines from the New York Times.
    As quickly as it started
    the flood dissipates into
    calm silence and I observe
    the sidewalk, cracked and bruised
    from a stampede of Gucci heels
    and Oxford soles, and then
    for a split second I can relate.
  2. sunshine

    sunshine Banned

    ive tried s0mthn...~d0 c0mment!!!

    ashez t0 ashez...dust t0 dust
    sp!n ur webz 0f l!ez n m!strust
    da na!lz c0me up...da b0ardz fall d0wn
    leav!n u stranded...up0n da gr0und
    flamez spark...f!re gets red h0t
    n0 c0m!n baQ wen ur s0 l0st
    rest !n da bed...tht u made f0 urself
    da butt0nz r pressed...da br!dgez r burnd

    Yeap...Itz All D0nee~~~

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