These pickups any good?

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  1. Dear fellow Indian guitar players,

    The pickups on my modern player 2.0 made in china strat really suck, so I ordered this:

    Are these any good?

    Also, where can I find a matching chrome tremolo tip for these pickups?

    Can I go somewhere in my city of Coimbatore, to get my black tremolo tip chrome plated? It is plastic not metal.

    Thanking everyone who makes a contribution to this thread,
    Siddharth Karunakaran,
    Coimbatore, India.
  2. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar Active Member

    I am pretty sure that you must have received these by now. What's your review on the same?
  3. Hi mymusicmyguitar,

    Thank you for replying to me. These pickups are great. I couldn't be more pleased.

    The scratch-guard tends to get scratched easily.
    Lack of shielding means just a little more noise.
    The humbucker is not connected to the tone control.

    These pickups are great and nice and loud. They are purported to be Alnico V magnets. They deliver strat sounds from positions 5 to 2 and a big biting humbucker tone from position 1.
    The 5 way switch works smoothly and the pots are good. Better than the stock ones for sure. There is a tiny bit of crackling though, but I'm sure a lubricant like WD40 or Deoxit would get rid of that. It's only a tiny bit. At the start of the turn of the turning of the pots.
    The humbucker is not connected to the tone control. This means that you can do things similar to Jimi Hendrix on Voodoo chilel.

    Overall, they are a massive improvement over the stock pickups. Never buy made in china fender or squier stratocasters if you want good pickups. That's the lesson I learnt. I have about 8000 rupees in upgrading components on this strat. Not worth it. Should have gotten a vintage or a harley benton, but those weren't available back then.

    I hope you find this review useful.

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