There Was A Boy

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    There was a boy
    Who wanted to be
    A man
    But no one that
    He talked to Would

    From birth he was
    Treated like
    A freak
    As a kid beaten bloody
    Bruised and made
    So weak

    Blamed for
    Things out of
    His control
    He’ll never get back
    The child hood
    They stole

    Fast forward 6 years
    This takes him to
    High school
    By even bigger

    Gained acceptance so long
    As he would be
    The joke
    The rest they pitied him
    But no one

    He always laughed
    Along with all
    The guys
    But was never
    Once equal in
    Their eyes

    To his face and behind his back
    The comments would
    Never end
    He was always
    Left alone
    To defend

    Then he met these
    Girls on whom he could
    But they abused him
    And used him then still called
    Him friend?

    Just when he thought
    Maybe he should call
    It quits
    He found someone
    And from day one
    They clicked

    Finally a person who understood him
    And what he was
    Going through
    Someone to be good to him
    He could finally be
    Good too

    But like life
    All good things must come to
    A close
    They built him up then broke him down
    All with no remorse
    To show

    It was just something to pass the time
    A game to play
    For fun
    No hard feelings right?
    There’s no
    Harm done?

    Flash forward
    5 years down
    The Track
    21 came and
    There’s no
    Going Back

    He learned how
    To hide all
    His Faults
    How to manipulate
    People with
    Perfect Results

    How to block
    It all out with
    While he practises
    ‘Art’ not

    Using women
    To satisfy
    His Needs
    Revenge and validation
    And their hearts as
    They bleed

    He gets by living
    On a job he
    Can’t stand
    Taking it out on the people
    Who try to lend a
    Helping hand

    Is the
    They’ll all
    Screw you over

    To the world
    He acts the part uncaring
    And unfeeling
    Inside he’s lonely and insecure
    And finds it
    Impossible dealing

    It won’t take much
    To push him off
    The edge
    Just one little nudge
    And he won’t come
    Back again

    When he looks in the mirror
    He doesn’t see a man
    He never did
    What he sees isn’t
    Even human adult
    Or kid

    There was a boy
    Who wanted to be
    But no one ever
    Told him that
    You can....

    Sorry for the length I just started writing and couldn't stop
    thought I'd give third person perspective a try hope you didn't get too bored reading it
    feedback appreciated =]
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    awesome lines... reps
  3. one word Phenomenal..
  4. Infact this is too good .. I personally love poetry like these where one tries to draw a portrait of another person. Sometimes i feel we all are one story each, sometimes some people read me, some dont, some do but do not show and some just turn their head as if they couldn't. The one you read seems to be a quite an interesting character .. still i coulndt get the meaing of the last line " the boy who wanted to be a human" isnt all what he is doing like humans / mortals???
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    grt work dude
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    Superb work dude

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