There must be more

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    Is there more
    There must be more
    Than all these little things people are dying for

    Less why isn’t there less
    Of this pride and greed
    You think you need
    All taking and no giving
    Is this really what’s called living?

    Do your consciences not weep?
    When you consume a fellow man
    And Label him as damned

    For your children don’t you cry?
    When everything you tell them is a lie?
    You give nothing chance to grow
    Just blame someone else and say it isn’t so

    All these Little distractions everywhere
    Their just motions no one cares
    So why do you go on to pretend
    That It all matters in the end

    What happened to our sense of right and wrong?
    Maybe we were selfish all along

    Or just too ignorant to see
    The rotting underneath our feet
    In our minds and in our souls
    Or in the little rotting trees
    It’s such a mystery
    How they hold on to dear life
    Lain forgotten right in sight

    One can only hope
    One day we’ll stop and see
    Lend a helping hand
    And put an end to misery

    So they won’t have to live
    In a world with nothing left to give
    Maybe they’d even here them speak
    In a voice that sounds so weak
    Is it worth it?
    Is it worth it?
    What you’re living for
  2. Even i think soo many times is there anything more ?? To an extent i feel its a choice... some choose to look only at things near and some want to reach out...look beyond me its a choice !!

    Anyways a very nicely placed poetry can sense the feeling of "i dont know, im not sure" in the entire read.

    I liked it

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