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  1. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    title: string of heart
    what used:
    drum loop created by electric drums.
    a backing loop created by my strat.
    and a solo on the same strat.

    unfortunately i know nothing about basses so cant really make it better.
    such musics happen when you are alone and in a romantic mood hahah.
    hope you like it a bit ;)
  2. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    no feedback???????? no suggestions???????? i thought this forums would help me improve.......where are the pros?
  3. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Next time lay down a click track or your percussion before your other tracks. The backing guitar was completely off time.

    The backing loop was decent. The lead was okay, but didn't seem to have a real structure. You didn't really finish it, it just sort of ran out of time or summat. Really out of place notes at 1:55, 2:00, 2:17. Then again if you recorded it on the spur of the moment then these things will happen.

    I like the tone, what gear are you using?
  4. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    "Next time lay down a click track or your percussion before your other tracks." can you explain this a bit? i dont know about recording so click track? percussion?

    i used a strat with gutiar rig 3 thats about it, and i just created the backing tracks, added the drums to it which i know were not in perfect sync and just improvised the solo without really composing it and without practising so i guess its ok?
  5. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    One of the basic rules in music is, just always stay in the rhythm, no matter what you are playing, even if you are just jamming!!!
    So i totally agree with Thehundredthone, i also think he's right about lead that it seems not to have any kind of structure. But the whole composition isn't bad at all, its just has to be completed the right way!

    About the bass, it isn't very difficult to add the basses, i am not saying that playing the bass is simple, certainly not!
    A very simple sounding bass could make the whole track sounds a lot better. A simple bass could be, for example in the C major chord, just hit the C note few times in a certain rhythm in that particularly measure.
  6. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    A click track just clicks at the tempo you assign. Percussion = drums or tabla or similar. It helps to do that part first because adding rhythm later will make your timing errors stand out.

    And like I said, on the spur of the moment there will always be mistakes, so it's not a big issue. If you like your song maybe you'll sit down with it and compose a better lead, or at least structure it so that it has a definite ending.
  7. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    i agree, but as i said i composed the main structure of the music but did not compose the lead, just improvised :) next time ill surely do
  8. guitargaze

    guitargaze New Member

    dude! u js rock! u knw wt! i herd it 12 times agn n agn! hats off!.....
  9. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    thank you but i could have done alot time

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