Theory behind chords - information required??

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    This query of mine may be already answered in this forum. So please point me to a thread or give me some name of books with ISBN number , name, and publisher. Books will be preferable as I do not have to switch on this laptop of mine.

    I want to know the theory behind chords. For example when I am playing the C chord why is the fretting as 2nd string - 1st fret, 4th string second fret, and fifth string 3rd fret.

    I also want to know about terms like 5ths, root etc etc. Just in a very very simple way. As a software professional I spend most of the time before a laptop but trying hard to get into the basics too.

    I am also getting bogged down by this half, quarter etc etc terms. So just a simple guide.

    Thanks in advance
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    Read out more about string vibrations and standing waves.
    Next you would dwell more upon the fundamental frequencies of vibration and the higher harmonics.

    Next you would understand about how by fretting the string your are actually creating a node, and thus a standing wave. And that a note is not really a pure frequency but a combo of fundamental + harmonics.

    Now when a note = fundamental + harmonics; then only certain combos of notes will sound good because the harmonics will ensure that the strings do no vibrate in "harmony" unless the fundamentals and harmonics follow certain mathematical rules (ratios).

    This is the reason behind intervals.

    Stacking up of 2 or more intervals = chord.

    Now you have the laptop. Read more about this stuff on wiki/google/bing/yahoo etc
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    Great - but unfortunately I do not want to pick up any physics book now. I will try to find it out myself.
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    Yes, the site look good. Nice find 락아 산
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